Gerber Legend Multi-Plier 800 Tool - $92.26

The Gerber Legend Multi-Plier 800 is for the user who wants extreme wire-cutting ability, quick access to the components, spring-loaded pliers, and a secure ergonomic grip. The Legend features replaceable wire cutter inserts in case you try to cut more wire than the cutters can handlethough that would be a challenge. Much harder than any stainless steel, Gerber's tungsten carbide wire cutters will cut through #2 hard carbon steel fishhooks, 1/16-inch piano wire, and 278-pound stainless steel offshore fishing leader. If the cutters get damaged, you can rotate the triangular cutter to a new edge with a wrench. The Legend Multi-Plier 800 has a knife, scissors, crosspoint screwdriver, three flathead screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and a saw with a RemGrit blade. You can reach these tools without opening the pliers, and they lock into place once rotated out for use. The spring-loaded scissors cut all braided fishing lines, hemmed denim, Cordura, and leather. - $92.26