Pulsar Sentinel Nightvision Riflescope - $2,199.99

Generation 2 nightvision scope utilizes specially designed optics combined with a CF-Super Image Intensifier Tube to create exclusive technology that delivers exceptional edge-to-edge resolution with a maximum detection range of 800 meters. Three-button remote control for quick startup of the scope and infrared illuminator when constant observation is not necessary. An internal focusing system provides crisp images at close distances, while optimizing quality at all distances within the scopes working range. Two-color rangefinding reticle with brightness control can be switched from green-on-green to red-on-green. Permanently attached lens caps. IPX4 water-resistant. Requires two AA batteries (included).Due to popular demand from our varmint-hunting customers, we have found some of the best nightvision riflescopes available. Cabelas does not condone the use of these products for illegally taking big-game animals after legal shooting hours. Check local game laws for legality in your area. - $2,199.99