GEIGERRIG Hydration Engine Reservoir - 68 fl. oz. - $48.00

When you're gasping for breath and in dire need of drink, use the pressurized 68 fl. oz. GEIGERRIG Hydration Engine reservoir to spray water into your mouth with a simple squeeze or bite of the valve. Other reservoirs require that you suck on a tube to get a drink; the GEIGERRIG reservoir can be pressurized with the included pressure bulb to allow for convenient spraying. Spraying makes drinking, cooling off, cleaning and sharing water simple. Filling the GEIGERRIG is easy-simply slide the top off, open the reservoir and fill it from a faucet or a high-mountain stream. Top of the reservoir opens wide for easy filling and cleaning; GEIGERRIG reservoir can by cleaned on the top shelf of your dishwasher. Quick-release valves let you remove the drinking tube and pressure tube whenever you want to refill or clean reservoir. On/off switch on the bite valve prevents leaks. GEIGERRIG Hydration Engine reservoir is made out of tough thermoplastic urethane that withstands regular use. - $48.00