Gear Aid Zipper Repair Kit - $9.95

A zipper is the only thing between you and ten million mosquitoes! The Gear Aid Zipper repair kit gets those busted zippers back on task. Outdoor gear comes with lots of zippers and unfortunately, zippers often die long before your gear wears out. And the problem is usually the zipper slider, not the zipper teeth; with the Gear Aid Zipper repair kit, you can keep them all functioning properly. Zipper repair supplies include two #8 double-coil zipper sliders, one #5 double-coil zipper slider, one #10 single-tab coil slider and one #5 single-zipper slider. Sewing kit includes one #69 olive green thread bobbin, one #16 sewing needle and 1 seam ripper. Zipper repair kit is great for individuals but can also be shared with your troop; kit comes with instructions and a gear repair manual. - $9.95