Gear Aid Tent Repair Kit - $7.88

This compact repair kit can make the difference between a wet or dry outing in the great outdoors. Kit includes 13 products to repair, revive and protect the one thing you need most on a wet, rainy night your tent. Also includes detailed instructions and a tent repair manual.Dimensions: 6-3/4L x 5W x 1-1/4H.Weight: 5 oz.Kit Includes: 1/2 tent pole splint .625 tent pole splint Two No. 8 double zipper slider coils 4 x 6 No-See-Um patch 3 x 10 clear Tenacious adhesive patch Seam Grip 1/4-oz. adhesive No. 69 olive green bobbin No. 18 sewing needle, chenille No. 16 sewing needle, yarn Four safety pins Seam ripper Mirazyme 1/2-oz. enzyme-based deodorizer Two PDI alcohol towelettes Type: Tent Accessories. - $7.88