Gear Aid McNett Tactical Field Fix Kit - Black - $11.88

It features 22 products to fix, repair and revive equipment and gear while at home or in the field. It includes a buckle kit, a sewing kit, and even adhesive and fabric patches. Also includes detailed instructions and a gear-repair manual. Made in USA. Dimensions: 6-3/4 x 5 x 1-1/4. Weight: 7 oz. Kit includes: Seam grip 1/4-oz. adhesive 2 x 50 duct tape 1 flat black polypro web, 40 Two 4 cable ties Two 8 cable ties Three PDI alcohol towelettes Glue stick Side-squeeze buckle set Siamese Slik Clip Quick-attach tension lock Sliplock buckle Posigrip cord lock Nylon 420-denier patch, 4 x 6 No-See-Um patch, 4 x 6 Dark blue Tenacious adhesive patch, 3 x 10 Clear Tenacious adhesive patch, 3 x 10 Two safety pins No. 18 sewing needle, chenille No. 16 sewing needle, yarn No. 69 bobbin, olive green No. 20 black button No. 24 black button Color: Black. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $11.88