Gcanada Floating Goose Decoys - $129.99

Gbuilt its name and reputation on the high-quality construction of these superbly crafted floating goose decoys. They are blow-molded for high-impact durability. Improved attachment design prevents the heads from coming loose in the middle of a hunt. These unique detachable locking heads ensure quick placement and easy storage or transportation. Weighted keels guarantee that each decoy will self-right and ride perfectly for that all-important natural look. Canada decoys have improved, raised feather detail that recreates the image of real contours of a goose. Gcraftsmen hand paint each decoy for an exceptionally realistic look that will fool even the wisest gander. Each has a decoy anchor line adjustment hook. Set includes a Greeter, Sentinel, two Swimmer/Preeners and two Resting head positions. They are 23-1/2" overall with sentinel head. Per 6. Made in USA. - $129.99