Gatco Edgemate System Knife Sharpener - $26.88

GATCO Sharpening Systems guarantee a professional edge on your blades every time. The rod-hone handle sports a permanently affixed rod so the sharpening angle remains constant. When combined with the polycarbonate knife/clamp angle guide, it ensures more consistent, efficient sharpening strokes. Angles: 29, 25, 22, 19, 15, 11. Extra-wide sharpening surface outdoes the competition, saving you time and creating a better edge. Pedestal Mount sold separately. Made in USA. Includes: Coarse (120 grit) honing stone, Medium (220 grit) honing stone, Fine (320 grit) honing stone, 2-oz. honing oil, custom carry case and instructions. Type: Sharpeners. - $26.88