Garmont Cosmos Randonee Boots - Men's - 2012/2013 - $699.95

Choose the Garmont Cosmos randonee boots for extended tours that demand peformance. They achieve balance between light weight, tourability and skiability to meet the needs of ski mountaineers. Tech components in front and back give the boots Dynafit-style binding compatibility; Garmont Cosmos boots are also compatible with step-in style randonee bindings. PowerWrap anatomic shells are constructed around the shape of the foot and have been prepunched to accommodate common irregularities of skiers' feet. Grilamid(R) plastic shells are very light and stiff; shells have reinforcement ribs throughout that increase rigidity without adding cumbersome weight. Expanded polyurethane inserts in the shells' inner soles act as shock absorbers when you're skiing; they also add insulation. Lace-up, custom-moldable liners feature 3 different foam thicknesses and densities throughout to provide the best possible comfort and support. Moccasin toe design in the liners allows feet to sit flat for good anchoring within the liners; design also maximizes forefoot width. See an REI ski shop professional to have the liners custom molded to your feet to maximize comfort and performance. 4 Wide-Open buckles and catches on each boot close easily and securely; buckles swing completely open for unrestricted touring while still being held in place by the catches. Wide rip-and-stick power straps wrap securely around the outside of the cuffs, distributing pressure and bringing the cuffs as close as possible to your lower legs. Rear walk/ski mechanisms are simple and secure; flip the levers to the ski position for a locked-down forward lean position at 11.5deg and 13deg. Garmont Cosmos randonee boots have lugged Vibram(R) soles for traction on rock and snow. - $699.95