Garmin Swim - $149.95

Before the Garmin Swim, pool training meant that you either had an impeccable knack for counting strokes, or you wore a bulky watch with minimal functionality. However, notice that we said 'before the Garmin Swim.' Now, with the Swim's sleek, low-profile watch design, training is as easy pushing a button and swimming. Garmin's Swim is the all-in-one training device for lap swimmers. Designed for use in pools of at least 17 meters in length, the Swim is ready to get to work right out out of the box. Simply input the length of your pool, and the Swim will do all of the math for you. With it, you have access to data like lengths, distance, stroke count, calories, pace, and more. And even more impressively, Swim distinguishes your stroke type independently. So, your training doesn't have to stop for adjustment during a medley session. Garmin has even made the Swim capable of gauging your SWOLF score. Your efficiency progress is automatically handled without performing a five step algorithm and long division. Additionally, Garmin simplified the user-interface of the Swim. It features six exterior buttons, each one accessing a different function of the Swim. The computer's functionalities are easily accessible during your workout. For extra motivation, the watch displays your weekly accumulated distance right underneath the time display. Once your training is done for the day, transfer your data to Garmin Connect wirelessly via ANT+ technology and an included USB stick. Once there, Garmin Connect charts your progress over time. You have access to a host of detailed metrics, and even better, all of your data is shareable should you be looking for insight from your coach or peers. The watch uses a standard watch cell battery (CR2032) that's user-replaceable. Additionally, Garmin predicts that you'll get around one year of usage from a single battery. - $149.95