Garmin Rino 120 GPS/Radio - $179.88

With the navigational capabilities of a 12-parallel-channel GPS and the reliable communication power of a 22-channel GMRS/FRS radio, the Rino 120 can take you anywhere. And it has a highly accurate and detailed basemap of North and South America complete with major cities, highways, rivers, lakes, coastlines, borders and railways. This 100 waterproof GPS/radio has a WAAS-enabled GPS receiver with the accuracy to put you within 10 feet of your destination. Channels 1-7 are FRS/GMRS, 8-14 are FRS and 15-22 are GMRS for a wide range of communication options, and each unit has a range of five miles with GMRS. Each channel has 38 squelch codes for semi-private conversation. The patent-pending peer-to-peer positioning "beams'' your location to another Rino user within a two-mile range. This Garmin-exclusive feature shows the receiving party the distance and bearing from your position to theirs. The 120 has a voice scramble feature and a vibration mode for silent notification of incoming calls, and the 8MB of memory lets you download maps from Garmin's MapSource CD-ROMS. The Rino 120 holds 500 waypoints and 20 reversible routes. It has extensive waypoint storage, TrackBack technology, multiple position formats and a built-in trip computer with speed tracking, sunrise/sunset readout, trip timer and trip distance. Comes with a lanyard, belt clip, user's manual and PC interface cable. Three AA batteries provide 15 hours of battery life.Dimensions: 7"H x 2-1/4"W x 1-3/4"D.Weight: 8.5 ounces.Color: Olive. Type: GPS Radio. Type: GPS Radio. - $179.88