Garmin Forerunner 610 HRM GPS - $399.99

With its touchscreen, the Garmin Forerunner 610 HRM GPS wristwatch provides free-flowing, easy-to-get-to data on pace, location, and fitness level. Using the touch-, tap-, and swipe-enabled screen navigation and the high-sensitivity GPS receiver, you can track your location, distance, and speed during long laps around town. The premium heart rate monitor keeps you in tune with your body's response to your training regimen, and the custom workouts, interval workouts, and virtual racer make it easy for you to switch things up. Once you let the GPS guide you back home, you can wirelessly upload all the data to your online Garmin Connect profile, see how you did against your Virtual Partner, and map out your route with archived data from every leg of your run.Lightweight, shock-resistant 2.5-ounce plastic housing resists light rain showers and sweat, while the smooth wrist strap feels good on your wrist Glass display (128 x 128pixel resolution) provides incredibly easy navigation thanks to its touchscreen, which remains tough for rough environments but still sensitive enough to work with touch running gloves High-sensitivity GPS receiver records pace, distance, and elevation; stores up to 100 waypoints; records 1000 laps; and can guide you back to your starting point with distance and direction Heart Rate Monitor displays your heart activity and calorie consumption for accurate training regimens and features five customizable heart-rate zones as well as alerts to improve your heart's health Virtual Partner lets you compare your actual performance to performance goals, much like a motivating personal trainer Virtual Racer provides a more competitive training guide by taking into account varying speeds during climbs and real-time conditions based on your own customization on Garmin Connect Training Effect from Firstbeat lets you customize the watch so it can accurately guide you throughout your training to keep you within a healthy range of aerobic activity ... - $399.99