Garmin Forerunner 210 - $199.99

A device that bridges the gap between your indoor and outdoor training makes the difference between effective progression and outright failure. This is why Garmin developed its new Forerunner 210. Like the Forerunner 110, it accurately records your time, pace, and distance while outside, only you now have the option of tracking this same crucial information while running in the gym. Additionally, the new 210 is compatible with heart rate monitors, and for the next-level of training, even foot pods. The 210 is compatible with, but does not include, a Garmin foot pod. Essentially, the pod works by using 'accelerometer' technology that collects precise information about your movements and sends it straight to your Garmin device. So, it gathers accurate distance and data as you run. In addition to this, the 210 also works with certain indoor fitness equipment. Accordingly, you're able to track and store data from your run on the treadmill or cycling workout. Furthering these training functions, the Forerunner 210 lets you create customized interval sessions, with each interval's pace clearly visible on the screen. This means that your training is more effective, as you receive instant, motivating feedback directly from your Garmin. The Forerunner 210 is also compatible with heart rate monitors, which, if connected, the 210 would display your heart rate in beats per minute. The 210 also would allow you to fully customize the five built-in heart rate zones, and you'll also have the option to set up alerts to notify you when you're above or below your targets. Additionally, heart rate-based calorie computations are provided when connected in order to more accurately track the calories you've burned. Monitoring your cadence or steps per minute is also achieved when you upload your data to Garmin Connect. This free data analysis was designed for you to share and review your workouts online through its maps, summaries, and other useful training information. - $199.99