G5 Optix Le 5 Pin Sight - .019 - $119.88

This feature-loaded, five-pin, .019" fiber sight system has everything that hard-core archers have been waiting for, and then some. Start with Smart-Pins technology. By turning just one screw the pin can be adjusted vertically without ever leaving the centerline, and then each pin can be locked down. Microadjust system facilitates stable windage and elevation adjustments with rock-solid anchoring once your calibration is made, and the high-contrast sight bubble not only stands out in low light, but allows for third-axis tuning. Each of the five Smart-Pins is .019". 100% Mag Tough construction means components are super-light magnesium. Magnesium is as strong as aluminum, but 32% lighter, and has inherently superior vibration-dampening properties. A harmonic dampener in the mounting system further bolsters the vibration-dampening characteristics of the sight's magnesium construction. An integrated arrow bumper on the bottom of the sight quiets accidental game-spooking contact with an arrow.Weight: 5.8 oz.Available: Right-hand or Left-hand. - $119.88