G.Loomis Swimbait Series Casting Rods - $315.00

If youre up to the challenge of throwing big baits to big fish all day, this is the rod for you. Born of collaboration between G.Loomis and swimbait fishermen, these four rods throw large swimbaits incredible distances and pack the power needed to haul in a big bass across big water. The 904 is the perfect balance of muscle and sensitivity to get lighter swimbaits into tight areas. The 955 is the most versatile swimbait rod around and can launch big baits like a rocket but still has backbone for solid hooksets. The 956 has a softer tip for loading lighter 8-9 swimbaits, while the 957 is a trophy hunters dream able to throw the biggest baits all-day long while minimizing fatigue. Limited lifetime warranty. Made in USA.Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length. - $315.00