G.Loomis Max Glx Czech Nymph Rod - $399.88

A unique fly-rod series designed for a special style of tournament stream angling in Europe where speed and line control are paramount to success. These extremely fast, 10-ft., four-piece rods have light, sensitive tips to help anglers make short, accurate drifts with weighted nymphs. The technique requires very little in the way of traditional casting. Anglers simply flick weighted flies upstream of the target area and then, using the extra rod length, and long, light leaders, accurately guide the flies along the bottom under tension. The extra-fast taper provides a quick hookset so anglers can react before the fish spits the fly out. The three-weight is for smaller fish and protecting very light tippets. The four-weight is for slightly heavier tippets and larger fish. The technique is quickly gaining a following in the U.S. as anglers discover new ways to fool pressure-sensitive trout. - $399.88