G.Loomis Drop-Shot Spinning Rods - $270.00

Designed with the drop-shot angler in mind, these new spinning rods from G.Loomis represent the finest advances in finesse equipment technology. The light tip sections make it easy to impart a lifelike action to your lure, while the backbone gives you plenty of force to drag fish to the surface. Each rod is built on an IMX graphite blank for extreme sensitivity while the lightweight Fuji Alconite guides permit smooth line flow, even under extreme stress. These spinning rods have Loomis' custom reel seat, letting you feel the rod blank ahead of the cork grip for added sensitivity.When selecting the right rod for drop-shotting and other finesse presentations, there is no characteristic more important than sensitivity. Bass that hit a drop-shot often just swim up and close their mouth around the offering, feeling much like a fouled lure or clump of weeds instead of the typical bump or tap felt when working a Texas rig. A light tip is also an important aspect of any drop-shotting rod, making it much easier to give the lure action without heavy wrist movements. But when you do feel the fish, you still want the backbone and rod strength to haul it out of the deep water where this technique really shines. - $270.00