Fyrlyt Driving Lights - $349.99

Ruggedly constructed driving lights that show you the way. Its Filament Tuned Reflector (FTR) optimizes the full potential of the light source giving you direct and even light. Quick-change sacrificial lens is easily replaced in the field without tools and is designed to eliminate performance-robbing lens covers. The durable heat sink is made of rugged T6060-T5 aluminum alloy that withstands rough conditions and high temperatures created by the light source. Integrated spread or spot beam gives you the option of selecting which beam pattern suits your driving conditions. Unique hard coating is applied to all optical surfaces for improved scratch resistance. The billet-machined aluminum base is extremely robust and resists hard impact. Gortec vent breather reduces infiltration of moisture and keeps the light source cool by allowing air flow. Integrated quick-change bulb is convenient. Stainless steel fasteners resist corrosion. All components are rebuildable. Diameter: 8.2. - $349.99