Fusion Vanes - $5.88

Sport a high-profile design based upon the increasingly popular footprint of today's short-vane designs, but all similarities end there. With a profile similar to a traditional shield cut, the modified silhouette increases the surface area of the most critical point of the vane's anatomy. As the name states, the Fusion vane by Norwary Industries is a radical blend of shape and material technology. This unique design minimizes crosswind interference to maximize aerodynamic steering capability and yield unprecedented broadhead flight. By combining old and new technologies, they've created the most responsive vane archers have ever experienced with precise focus on today's critical demands of first-class adhesion, broadhead flight, consistency and durability. Per 36.Length: 2.1". Height: .56". Weight: 7 gr.Colors: White, Black, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange. Type: Arrow Building Accessories. Color Neon Green. - $5.88