Furminator Ultra Premium Dog Shampoos - Natural - $9.88

Lather your furry friend up with any of these dog shampoos, and itll towel off clean, fresh and its shedding will be under control. FURminator Ultra Premium Dog Shampoos are naturally formulated to address shedding at its core while enhancing the hair-gathering effectiveness of FURminators deShedding tools (not included). Free of parabens, artificial colors and chemical dyes. For topical use on dogs and cats over six weeks old. Per 16.5 oz. Made in USA. Available: DeOdorizing Enriched with baking soda and vegetable protein extract, this blend effectively washes away the strong odors that can become trapped in the coat. Keeps your dog smelling fresh for days. DeShedding Enhanced with omega three, omega six, fatty acids, and extracts from calendula and papaya leaves, this vitamin-rich formula promotes healthy skin, a shiny coat and it effectively reduces shedding. Itch Relief Enriched with calandula extract, chamomile and almond oil, this natural blend calms and reduces the itching caused by seasonal pet allergies, dry skin and hot spots. It also moisturizes and conditions sensitive skin. Puppy Gentle, tearless and pH balanced to clean without drying delicate skin. Enriched and sooths with aloe vera, and kava and chamomile extract. Color: Natural. Type: Dog Shampoo. - $9.88