Full Tilt Mary Jane Ski Boots Color 1 - $179.95

If you are looking for performance and quality manufacturing, then the one of a kind Full Tilt Mary Jane ski boots are the choice for you. The liners are made from specially formulated thermo-forming closed cell EVA foam making these boots among the most comfortable boots on the market today. Feeling is believing. The liner fully molds to your foot for a perfect fit. The Full Tilt Mary Jane's weight, or lack of it, makes for a boot that is easy on the legs and will not tire you out on the first run.Key Features of the Full Tilt Mary Jane Ski Boots: Shell: FTI Influence Last Width: 102mm Women's Fit Tongue (10 = Stiffest Flex : Interchangeable 4 Flex/ 5 Ribs Weight g (sizes M 27, W 25 : 1748 Foot Board: Active Sole: Replaceable Rubber Small Heel Buckles: 3 Aluminum Macro Ladder Micro Closure System: 2 Upper Cables 1 Lower Wrap Strap Forward Cant Adjustment: n/a Lateral Cant Adjustment: 3mm Toe/ Heal Height: 18.5mm/ 34mm Cuff: Free Hinging Women's Fit Quickfit Liner Model: WOMEN'S PLUSH Open Cell Foam: 8mm Soft Density Intuition Foam: 2mm Regular Density Intuition Foam: 7mm Moldable Foam: Intuition Wide Toe: Wide Toe - $179.95