Full Tilt Mary Jane Ski Boots - Women's - 2012/2013 - $239.83

The Full Tilt Mary Jane ski boots fit your feet like slippers, blast through tough terrain and offer enough support to keep you smiling at the end of the day. Separate cuff, shell and tongue sections are joined together to create a classic fit and one-of-a-kind flex. 3-piece shell design allows the use of thin plastic to reduce overall weight. 3-piece shell allows tongues to hinge out of the way making it a breeze to get your feet in the boots. 3-piece shell also ensures an even flex pattern with specialized tongues. Women-specific cuffs fit your calves and women-specific lasts are designed for your feet and ankles. Liners feature 7mm medium-density foam that molds to your feet through use, but they can also be custom molded using a heat treatment in an REI specialty ski shop. An additional 4mm layer of foam enhances warmth and comfort. Spacious toe boxes enhance comfort with extra width. 5 ribs (separate sections) on tongues provide an even, uniform flex. Lower strap closure wraps forefeet with even pressure, and cables work like shoelaces to even out pressure. Power straps lock in the cuffs and increase support. Shock-absorbent bootboard reduces the jarring impact of big-air landings and smooths out vibrations at high speed. Full Tilt Mary Jane ski boots provide the responsive power transfer preferred by expert skiers; Full Tilt rates their flex as a 4 out of 10. 102mm footbed provides a great fit for wide feet. - $239.83