Full Tilt Booter Ski Boots - $179.95

Not all feet are made the same and Full Tilt Booter Ski Boots kept that in mind when attempting to make the perfect fitting ski boot. With a width space of 102 mm, this boot is a great choice for skiers with a wider foot who will be out on the slopes for the whole day. In addition, an Intuition foam liner and replaceable rubber sole helps greatly when it comes to molding the boot to fit each foot perfectly. The Full Tilt boot is a top choice for comfort and performance.Key Features of the Full Tilt Booter Ski Boots: Shell: FTI Influence Last Width: 102mm Tongue (10 = Stiffest Flex : Interchangeable 5 Flex / 5 Ribs Weight g (sizes M 27, W 25 : 1995 Foot Board: Active Sole: Replaceable Rubber Small Heel Buckles: 3 Aluminum Macro Ladder Micro Closure System: 2 Upper Cables 1 Lower Wrap Strap Forward Cant Adjustment: n/a Lateral Cant Adjustment: 3mm Toe / Heal Height: 18.5mm / 34mm Cuff: Free Hinging Quickfit Liner Model: PERFORMER Open Cell Foam: 4mm Soft Density Intuition Foam: 2mm Regular Density Intuition Foam: 7mm High Density Intuition Foam: Moldable Foam: Intuition Wide Toe: Wide toe - $179.95