Fulcrum Racing Quattro Wheels - $558.95

For years, Fulcrum has been challenging the notion of the old idiom 'train heavy, race light.' Fulcrum saw this less as a truism and more as an excuse for race-day wheel makers to create sub par, underwhelming wheels. So, to counter this old ideology, Fulcrum throws every engineering trick in its playbook at wheels like the Racing Quattro. Starting at the rim, Fulcrum constructed the Racing Quattro from aluminum -- no surprise there. And while this alloy composition is both strong and lightweight, the wheel's high strength-to-weight ratio required a multi-step design approach. Let's start at the rim and work our way to the hub. In any discipline of cycling, wheel tension is paramount. Your wheels drudge by, bump after bump, and over time, this impact translates to the interface between the spoke nipples and the rims -- the eyelets. So, to counter this stress, Fulcrum employed its MoMag spoke mounting system in order to retain proper tension -- this accounts for the repeatedly raised surfaces at the undercarriage of the rim. Basically, MoMag eliminates the need for holes at the upper bridge of the rim. Instead, MoMag guides the nipples inside the rim, to the point of connection, magnetically. This simple system creates a greater uniformity, while also reducing stress points. Ultimately, the benefits speak for themselves. Compared to a standard spoke mounting, MoMag creates higher rigidity, a longer lifespan, greater spoke tension, and through the elimination of rim strips, less rotational weight. And as for the spokes, the Racing Quattro features double-butted steel spokes, while still retaining an aerodynamic profile. Making our way down to the hubs, we find what Fulcrum calls its Dynamic Balance technology. The principle at work is relatively simple -- a balanced wheel is both a faster and stronger wheel. So, at the rear wheel, the Racing Quattro compensates for the freehub body with two oversized spokes on the non-driveside. - $558.95