Fulcrum Racing 5 - $375.00

Contrary to popular belief, speed doesn't always come with a hefty price tag. With wheels like the Fulcrum Racing 5, you gain a high level of rigidity, a race-ready overall weight, and a strength-to-weight ratio that rivals wheels that're twice the price. Starting at the rim, Fulcrum constructed the Racing 5 from aluminum -- no surprise there. And while this alloy composition is both strong and lightweight, the wheel's high strength-to-weight ratio required a multi-step design approach. Let's start at the rim and work our way to the hub. In cycling, wheel tension is paramount. Your wheels drudge by hit-after-hit, and over time, this impact translates to the interface between the spoke nipples and the rims -- the eyelets. So, to counter this stress, Fulcrum went to the length of reinforcing them in order to retain proper tension. And as for the spokes, the Racing 5 features double-butted steel spokes, while still retaining an aerodynamic profile. Making our way down to the hubs, you'll find that Fulcrum has employed what it calls its Dynamic Balance technology. The principle at work is relatively simple -- a balanced wheel is both a faster and stronger wheel. So, at the rear wheel, the Racing 5 compensates for the freehub body with two oversized spokes on the non-driveside. The weight gain is beyond negligible, but the rotational dynamics are drastically improved. Further along these lines, the rear wheel has received Fulcrum's 2:1 technology. This system is attributable to hub's having no flange on the non-drive and a flange on the driveside. Fulcrum found that the rotational force of pedaling resulted in the flex of driveside spokes. This slackens rim tension and creates a net loss in energy. So, the solution takes form in a doubling of driveside spokes. Essentially, there's now two spokes performing the duties of one, and accordingly, energy dissipation has been nearly eliminated. - $375.00