Fulcrum Racing 3 2-Way Fit - $750.00

We hear 'versatility' tossed around a lot in wheel talk, but Fulcrums Racing 3 2-Way Fit Wheelset makes us take a second look. The stiff rim construction and smooth-rolling hubs make them great for training and racing. But what sets them apart is the choice you have to run them with clincher or tubeless tires.2-Way Fit is Fulcrum's way of describing the rim construction that is suitable for both tubeless and clincher tires. Tubeless tires have been used in the mountain bike world for years for the superior ride they provide. Running your wheels tubeless provides superior traction since you can run the tires at a lower pressure without worrying about rolling the bead off the rim. Additionally, running a tubeless set up on your road bike eliminates the pinch and snake bite flats youd get with regular clinchers. These benefits are akin to what you get from tubular tires, but with an easier instillation process. If you look on the inside of the semi-aero profiled 2-Way rim, you'll see that it has no spoke holes. This eliminates the need for rim strips and paves the way for tubeless tire installation. In order to get the spoke nipples in position to fix the bladed stainless steel spokes, Fulcrum uses a magnet to draw them into their respective seats using the valve stem hole as an insertion point. The burnished stainless steel spokes are anchored to an oversized aluminum hub shell that spins on Fulcrum's smooth-running stainless bearings around an aluminum axle, and cup-and-cone system. The Racing 3 uses an anti-rotation attachment system to keep the oval aero spokes slicing cleanly through the wind as intended. When you look at the rims together, youll notice they differ slightly in depth. The front sits 26 mm high and the rear, 30mm. These small depth differences make cross winds less noticeable, and on the rear wheel, give you better power transfer. - $750.00