Fulcrum Racing 1 2-Way Fit - $1,099.00

The Fulcrum Racing 1 2-Way Fit Wheels are a prime wheel for racing with their semi-aero rims and bladed spokes. Their rim construction gives you the versatility of running these wheels with clincher or tubeless tires, an advantage over the sister wheel of the same name.If you're familiar with Fulcrum wheels, you know the company is an extension of Campagnolo. This isn't just on paper and Fulcrum wheels get every bit of Campagnolo's engineering experience and technology, as evidenced by the rim construction of the wheels in the 2-Way Fit series. 2-Way Fit is Fulcrum's way of describing the rim construction that is suitable for both tubeless and clincher tires. Tubeless tires have been used in the mountain bike world for years for the superior ride they provide. Running your wheels tubeless provides better traction since you can run the tires at a lower pressure without worrying about rolling the bead off the rim. Additionally, running a tubeless set up on your road bike eliminates the pinch flats youd get with regular clinchers. These benefits are akin to what you get from tubular tires, but with an easier installation process.The Racing 1 wheels use an all-aluminum hub shells, in contrast to the carbon/aluminum version on the Racing Zero, but they're lightweight nonetheless, in part because of the aluminum axles. Smooth-running stainless steel hub bearings keep friction minimized, which nicely complements the Racing 1's aerodynamic advantages. Since the rims are designed to accommodate tubeless tires, Fulcrum uses MoMag technology, to pull spoke nipples from the valve hole around the hollow interior of the rim to get them into their respective positions. The outer wall of the rim is pierced only for the valve stem and doesn't require any rim strips whether or not you choose to ride tubes or tubeless. Fulcrum machines excess aluminum from the rims between each spoke to reduce any unnecessary weight. - $1,099.00