FSA SL-250 Seatpost - $12.49

FSA had the budget-minded in mind when it designed the SL-250 Seatpost. Even so, with directional butting, high quality AL-6066 aluminum tubing, and an infinitely adjustable two-bolt alloy clamp, the SL-250's quality and design surpass seatposts that cost twice as much.One area where the FSA SL-250 Seatpost really stands out is its directionally butted tubing. This means that the tube walls are actually thinner on the sides to reduce weight without reducing strength. FSA isn't the first company to use this design, but this technology has never been inexpensive until now.The SL-250 uses tried-and-true AL6066 aluminum tubing because it's lightweight, stiff, durable, and won't force any marital disputes involving money. FSA's Two-Bolt Clamp system offers infinite adjustability without adding a bunch of extra weight. At 350mm, the SL-250 provides plenty of length, except in ejector seat situations, and is easy enough to cut down if you want to trim a couple grams.The FSA SL-250 Seatpost comes in 27.2mm, 30.9mm, and 31.6mm diameters and is available in Gloss White or Black. - $12.49