FSA OS-190 Stem - $10.00

The FSA OS-190 Stem is quite similar to their top-of-the-line OS-99 Stem. It uses the same 3-D forging process that results in a purposeful alignment of the molecules in the 6061 - T6 aluminum. The result of a very strong and reliable stem, and it won't bust your budget either.The OS-190 Stem also uses chrome plated steel fasteners instead of the more expensive titanium on the OS-99. Otherwise, it shares the same no-nonsense shaping, flip-floppable laser etched graphics, and sturdy four-bolt aluminum faceplate. It's available in five sizes from 90mm to 130mm in length. It has a 40mm tall steerer clamp surface and fits handlebars with a 31.8mm clamping section. - $10.00