FSA Omega Compact Handlebar - $38.25

The FSA Omega Compact handlebar has a shallow drop and a short reach, so they're good for people who don't ordinarily reach for their drops and they're good for people who don't like much of a change of their reach between hand positions.A critical point of distinction between the Omega Compact and the FSA Wing Compact is the fact that the Omega has traditional round tops, not the flattened ergonomic "Wing" tops of the Wing Compact.One interesting detail about the Omega Compact is that they're exactly 1cm narrower at the hoods than their "official" measurement. In other words, 42cm bars are 42cm wide (c-c) at the drops, but 41cm at the hoods.The FSA Omega Shallow Handlebar has 125mm of drop and 80mm of reach. It has a modified ergo shape that is more rounded on the drops than typical ergo-design handlebars. It has both front and rear grooves for cable routing. The center section bulges to 31.8mm diameter. The bars are made from double-butted and shot-peened AL6066 tubing. The graphics are in White. The finish is Black anodizing. The bars come in 40, 42, and 44cm (measured center-to-center) widths. The weight is 300g. - $38.25