FSA K-Force Brake Calipers - $283.50

The holy grail for brake design is to make them light, smooth, and effective. The FSA K-Force Brake Calipers strive to end the quest for perfection. The brake calipers have an I-Beam forging with a dual pivot design. The I-Beam structure means that FSA has been able to keep them lightweight and stiff at the same time. This stiffness added the dual pivot construction means that you'll be able to count on them to bring you to a full stop with very little bother, even if you need to slam on the brakes while screaming down a wicked descent. And if you like to feather your brakes a bit, you'll appreciate the smoothness of the thrust bearings at the main pivots. They're designed to minimize friction between the caliper arms. You'll be able to adjust the stiffness of the spring tension so you can customize just how responsive the brakes will be to a touch at the lever.These are breathtakingly light calipers. A lot of that weight savings comes with the use of titanium parts for the hardware as well as the sexy carbon fiber brake pad holders. The holders also allow for an orbital pad adjustment that allows you to rotate them to make the installation less of a hassle. A ratchet quick release lever throws the calipers open for easy tire access in and out of the calipers, since no one wants to be forcing a wheel through tight brake arms during an important race day wheel change.The FSA K-Force Brake Calipers have a reach of 40-50 millimeters and a sleek narrow shape, which means that they'll work well on even hard-to-fit bicycles like the Scott Plasma. They have an understated polished black anodized finish with FSA graphics. Please Note: These FSA calipers take Shimano type replacement pads. - $283.50