FRS Low Calorie Powder - 14 Single Servings - $10.00

FRS Healthy Energy Low-Cal Drink Powder delivers a combination of vitamins and the flavanoid quercetin to combat fatigue, muscle damage from strenuous exercise, and illness. Each powder packet is a single serving and is easily added to a 16oz. water bottle.Quercetin is an anti-oxidant that's been clinically proven to produce a stimulant effect similar to caffeine. When taken twice daily, quercetin helps keep you focused and feeling energetic. Perhaps more importantly, FRS products with quercetin are Free Radical Scavengers, hence the name. As you exercise, your muscles produce these oxygen-centered free radicals that float around and participate in oxidative reactions that cause cell damage. The quercetin "picks up" the free radicals so they cannot do harm to your healthy cells.Studies also show quercetin plays a role in the production of mitochondria within cells. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells and produce most of your cellular ATP, the currency of energy you might say, during aerobic exercise. In this manner, the quercetin in FRS products increases your V0 max potential by nearly 4% and ride time to fatigue by 13%. That could be the difference between first and tenth place in any given race. The mitochondrial increase also slows the usage of muscle glycogen and glucose and shifts towards a greater reliance on fat oxidation for energy, allowing all of your energy stores to work in harmony to keep you fueled throughout your ride. FRS products that contain quercetin also have anti-inflamatory and anti-viral benefits that ease the stress of heavy training cycles and minimize the risk of joint inflammation and susceptibility to illness.FRS Healthy Energy Low-Cal Drink Powder combines quercetin with other vitamins in a blend that maximizes its bioavailability. Low-Cal Drink Powder is available in three flavors -- Lemon Lime, Orange, and Wild Berry. It's great for anyone who needs to maintain their energy levels and is watching their caloric intake. - $10.00