Friday Harbor Commander 9 Inflatable Raft - $195.39

Pump up the Friday Harbor Commander 9 inflatable raft, hit the water and enjoy the day while fishing, paddling or just kicking back. The Friday Harbor Commander 9 inflatable raft is suitable for paddling on lakes, mild rivers, bays and estuaries. Durable, heavy-gauge PVC provides superb puncture resistance, tough padding resists abrasion in wear-prone spots and a landing plate enhances durability when coming ashore. Unique shape helps cut through the water. 2 inflatable seats enhance comfort, and 4 swivel oar locks and oar holders efficiently propel raft (oars not included). Utility bag stores essential on-board items such as a whistle or bilge pump (not included), and a removable mesh gear bag stashes additional items. Bow and stern handles make it easy to transport the raft to the water. 2 fishing rod holders enhance the versatility of the raft. Features Boston valves and floor drain plugs. Includes repair kit. Use Friday Harbor 53 in. Oar Set to propel the Commander 12 (Oar Set sold separately). - $195.39