Freestanding Pet Gate - Small (PET GATE SMALL) - $129.99

Your pet may be your best friend, but there are times when it's best to keep your pet confined to a certain section of the house. Not every visitor may be as fond of your pet as it is of making new friends. Sometimes large, friendly dogs can overwhelm young guests with a bit too much affection. And when housebreaking or litter box training is underway, you'll be grateful to own one of these innovative portable barriers. Each Pet Gate is self-supporting, requires no installation, and can be set up just about anywhere in less than a minute. The side supports fold flat against the gate for convenient storage and easy transport. Because these gates have rubber feet, you needn't be concerned about scuffing or scratching your floor. Pet Gates have an attractive hardwood finish that won't detract from your home's de They adjust in width so that you can position them in doorways, hallways, at the top or bottom of a stairway, or even place them against a wall to create a temporary kennel inside while you answer the door. And because these gates are so easy to transport, they're perfect when you bring your pet along on a trip and stay in motels or the home of a friend or relative. Pet Gates can also help protect your pet by keeping it out of the way and out of trouble when you're painting, remodeling or working with materials that could be harmful if ingested.Dimensions: 20.1 H x 26.4 to 40.2 W x 17.7 D.Weight: 12.1 lbs. Size: PET GATE SMALL. Type: Pet Gates. - $129.99