Freeplay Sherpa LED Flashlight - $29.93

Suddenly the lights go out and you're left scrambling looking for a working flashlight. The Freeplay Sherpa LED flashlight has a crank handle and rechargeable battery so you'll never be in the dark. Flashlight has a built-in rechargeable NiMH battery so you never have to worry about buying batteries again. Crank the built-in handle for 1 min. to charge the NiMH battery and get 30 min. of light. 4 hrs. of charging via a standard USB cable (not included) provides up to 18 hrs. of use on low and 5 hrs. on high. Freeplay Sherpa LED flashlight has 2 brightness settings, high and low, to offer a choice between brightness and efficiency. LED outputs 25 lumens on high and 5 lumens on low; throws light up to 17m on high and 10m on low. - $29.93