Freemotion 95lbs/Minute Ballast Pump - $57.95

With quick efficiency and good durability, the Freemotion 95lbs/Minute Ballast Pump is a solid buy for boat enthusiasts. This ballast pump can fill up to 95 pounds in just 60 seconds with the use of 9 fott, PVS armor hose. The hose has been created delicately so that it does not kink or crush in use. Additionally, a 12 fott, fused power cord is included in the package and gives a great option to use for easy access at nearly every venue. The Freemotion 95lbs/Minute Pump is a sure bet to make your time on the water a valuable one.Key Features of the Freemotion 95lbs/Minute Ballast Pump: Fills 95lbs in 60 seconds 9 fott, PVC Armor hose will not kink or crush 12 fott, fused 12V power cord for easy access anywhere - $57.95