Free Flight C-10 Release - Camo (MEDIUM) - $64.99

The C-10 Free Flight Release incorporates a unique glove design that distributes a bow's pull across the hand and wrist, making it seem like your bow is 10 lbs. less in draw weight. Because the trigger and release mechanism lie in the palm of your hand, this release will not add draw length and is always in position, ready for action. The Apparition camo glove is constructed with 8 oz. leather covered with reinforced Cordura Nylon, tough materials that will not stretch with extended use. Features a long, gun-like adjustable trigger, hardened steel components, and a wide roller that minimizes string wear. Sizes: M, L. Available: Right-hand or Left-hand. Size: MEDIUM. Color: Camo. Type: Wrist Strap. - $64.99