Frabill Calibrator Tip-Up - $24.88

This advanced ice-fishing tip-up records the depth at which bait is set, time of a bite, time since the bite, and the length of line taken by bait. The removable display module is backlit for low-light conditions, and has dual trip settings light for walleye and heavy for larger baits and game fish. The Ultra Glide spool shaft has a smooth, friction-free performance system with a 200-ft. line capacity, and is removable for easy cleaning and lubricating. It also comes pre-lubricated with Frabrills exclusive Sub-Zero winter lubricant for friction-free performance at any temperature. The heavy-duty tip-up base is stable and tough enough to support catches of different sizes, while the tip-up itself has an extra-long flag shaft of 17.5 with a high-visibility flag. Type: Tip-Ups. - $24.88