Frabill Aerators - $19.88

These aerators from Frabill are just the ticket for keeping those minnows lively in the bait bucket. Whether youre hitting the frozen lakes in search of an ice angling adventure, taking the boat out for an evening on the lake, or just kicking back on the shore of some pond, your fishing expedition will be that much better with fresh minnows. Available: Aerator Extremely portable and easy to use, this handy aerator comes complete with a 30 nonkink hose and a high-output air stone. Powered by two D-cell batteries. Min-O-Life Aerator Watertight case is ideal for use in any weather. Built-in LED makes it easy to rebait your hook after dark. Includes 30 nonkink hose and aeration stone. Aqua-Life Portable Aerator A microbubble diffuser creates a cloud of tiny bubbles. Built-in LED for night fishing. Triple-play power (two D-cell, 12-volt adapter or 120-volt adapter port). Includes 30 nonkink hose. - $19.88