Foxpro Tx-500 Fury Electronic Caller - $429.88

Introducing the next generation of electronic digital calling systems. The Fury's huge 4GB internal memory stores up to 500 lifelike sounds and comes pre-loaded with 100 sounds. The TX-500 gives you 10 sound presets with custom volume levels and two quick-access buttons for your most frequently used sounds. On top of that, you can design up to 10 complete sequences from start to finish by mapping out sounds, durations of the sounds being played and volume level for a completely hands-free predator calling experience. The extra-large LCD panel makes text easier to read and the new powerful navigational menus provide you with an easy-to-use operating interface. 24-bit audio delivers unprecedented sound quality. The Fury can play .mp3, uncompressed .wav, .fxp (FoxPro's proprietary file type), and .24b (FoxPro's 24-bit file type). Manipulate the volume level of the L/R channels on a stereo audio file using the FoxFade feature. For example, if you are playing a sound that has a rabbit on the left audio channel and a coyote on the right audio channel you can use FoxFade to gain independent control of volume of both sounds within the stereo audio file (i.e., decrease the volume of the rabbit or silence it completely while the volume of the coyote remains the same or vice versa.) In mono operation, Foxfade will act as a mixer moving sounds from the front speaker to rear speaker. Dual amplified speakers, two speaker jacks and USB port for downloading calls from your computer. Includes a feature-loaded TX-500 remote with a large, red, easy to use display, presets, custom sequences, volume manipulation and more. Runs on eight AA batteries (not included). - $429.88