Fox Racing Shox Doss Dropper Seatpost with Remote Lever - $339.00

Fox wasn't quick to jump into the mountain bike suspension market. But, because of its motor-sport suspension knowhow, when they did it made a huge impact to the market -- for the better. The same holds true for its introduction of the Doss Dropper Seatpost with Remote Lever. One aspect that's detracted from the utility dropper posts is lateral and rotational slop. When riding aggressively, you need to know what the bike is doing, and one way the bike communicates to the ride is through the saddle. To ensure nothing's lost to poor tolerances, Fox uses a dual internal cam mechanism to solidly lock the post into position. One cam controls the anti-rotation apparatus, and the other controls post height. One nice feature to this system is that it's self-adjusting. As you use any post, wear is inevitable -- and, tolerances will be compromised. The Doss, however, will remain as solid as it was the day you installed it. The cams are actuated via a handlebar remote with three distinct settings, which coincide with Fox's new Climb, Trail, Descend (CTD) approach to suspension settings. The ergonomic, all alloy remote can be mounted left or right, and above or below the bar to suit compatibility with any cockpit setup. The lever's reach is also adjustable to fit different preferences and hand sizes. Another unique, adjustable feature is tune-able speed return. By adjusting pressure in the Schrader valve located below the post, you can speed up or decrease the rate which the post returns to its full height. And, the system is failsafe -- the post will always operate if pressure is lost. The post uses a traditional two-bolt clamp that's simple to dial in the correct saddle level and fore/aft position. The Fox Shox Doss Dropper Seatpost with Remote Lever has zero offset and comes in either 31.6 or 30.9mm diameters, and has a 4in or 5in drop option. - $339.00