Fox Racing Shox 36 TALAS 160 RLC Fork - 2012 - $795.00

It goes up, it goes down. Up and down the mountain, the Fox 36 TALAS 160 FIT RLC Fork offers up supreme performance. The beauty of it all is how easy the TALAS travel adjustment is to use and how it can transform your bike from a mountain goat to blazing downhill demon with the twist of a knob on the fork crown.Fox's TALAS or travel adjustable linear air spring system gives you the ability to drop the 36 from its 160mm (6.3") full-travel mode down to 120mm (4.7"). The advantage you'll feel is on the climbs. Drop the fork and your weight balance will be optimized. You'll wheelie less, have greater steering control, and your long-legged bike will feel more like a cross-country racer made for that kind of effort against gravity. One great aspect of the TALAS system is that your spring rate doesn't go fork to transform your bike from downhill demon to agile mountain goat... through the roof when you make a travel adjustment. Up or down, you'll have similar sag and bump response, so set the air spring to your weight and preference and go ride.The FIT RLC damper in the right leg keeps things under control, even when you're getting rowdy on the descents. The FIT system uses a damper cartridge whereby the suspension fluid is sealed away on its own. There's no chance for any mixing of air and the resultant foaming and loss of damper performance. It uses less oil than open bath designs, so it's lighter, and the sealed nature keeps contaminants out of the fluid. Less junk in the fluid means better performance and longer service life. The FIT cartridge has a rubber bladder that allows fluid expansion as the suspension components heat as the fork cycles up and down. So for burly descents, the damping properties will remain consistent from top to bottom. The RLC damper offers plenty of external adjustments to satisfy even the most fastidious of suspension nerds. - $795.00