Fox Racing Shox 32 Talas 140 FIT CTD Adjustable Suspension Fork with 15mm Quick-Release - 140mm Travel - $890.00

The Fox 32 Talas 140 FIT CTD adjustable suspension fork offers a plush 140mm of travel with a veritable bevy of adjustments, enabling "just right" tunability that would make Goldilocks jealous. Talas 2-position travel adjustment switches between 110mm and the full 140mm of travel; 110mm position drops the front end to improve weight balance and efficency for climbing. CTD damper system-Climb, Trail, Descend-offers 3 positions to simplify setting up the fork's suspension response and performance. Climb mode firms up the fork's suspension to maximize pedaling efficiency by minimizing pedal-induced bobbing when you stand up out of the saddle to climb. Trail mode offers a happy medium between suspension response and pedaling efficiency, helping maintain control across varying trail conditions. Making the Trail mode even more versatile, you can choose between 3 firmness settings to dial in your preferred amount of low-speed compression damping. Descend mode opens up the fork's suspension response for when the slope points downward and maximum control and squishy performance is preferred. Kashmina stanchion coating improves overall suspension performance by reducing stiction for a buttery-smooth feel; coating also helps extend life of stanchion tubes. Float FIT (Fox Isolated Technology) uses a bladder system within the fork to ensure that the air does not mix with the oil, maximizing performance and consistent damping. Low-speed compression, lockout threshold, rebound and air spring are also adjustable, letting you further adjust the fork's performance to your riding preferences. Tool-free, 15mm thru-axle system increases torsional stiffness, resulting in improved steering precision and tracking when compared to traditional 9mm drop-out. Clockable threads always leave the quick-release lever in the proper position for best axle tension; set it and forget it. - $890.00