Fox Racing Shox 32 Float 120 Fit RLC - 2012 - $525.00

There's nothing better than perfectly controlled suspension performance to smooth out the wrinkles in the trail and to give you the best riding experience possible. This Fox Float 120 FIT RLC Fork can do just that since the RLC damper offers up the greatest margin of adjustability. Like to fiddle with your gear' Perfectionist' This one's perfect for you.The 120mm of travel is controlled with Fox's FIT cartridge damper. It improves upon Fox's already legendary damper feel by sealing the fluid inside a bladder to eliminate the chance of fluid aeration. By eliminating mixing, the damping properties will remain more consistent ...XC racing, trail, marathon -- you name it, this 120mm fork can provide a perfectly tuned ride... as you ride, especially when charging down rough trails. The bladder in the damper assembly also minimizes friction and allows for internal fluid volume changes as the fork heats up. And, because it uses less fluid, it shaves weight from the Float forks. With the FIT RLC damper, you'll get low speed compression and rebound adjustments in addition to a crown mounted lockout. It has an adjustable lockout force knob, allowing the rider to control the desired amount of blowoff when locked out. The Float air spring yields a more linear feel, giving you a sensation of buttery smooth small bump response and access to the full range of travel, yet you'll still get no harsh bottoming. The wide range of adjustment for the compression and rebound settings make this fork highly tunable for a wide variety of terrain and riding styles. And for those who ride with long-fingered gloves, you'll be glad to know that the redesigned lockout lever is easier to use than ever.The 15QR system on the lower legs is noticeably stiffer and yields greater tracking and steering precision through rough terrain than a quick release. In fact, the added shear stiffness of the 15QR improves the fork's bump eating performance because the fork legs just cannot move independently. - $525.00