Fox Racing Reflex Gel Glove - Men's - $32.95

The unrestricted feel and exceptional grip of minimalist gloves like Fox Racing's Attack offers the most natural, tactile connection to your bike. That type of glove, however, will cause bouts of arm pump and numbness the second a ride pushes into the endurance realm. At the opposite end of the spectrum are feature-packed gloves like the Reflex Gel,made with the sole purpose of providing comfort and long-ride durability. While perfectly capable at all-day enduros or 24hr racing, you don't have to be a freak of nature to appreciate the added comfort and fatigue reduction of the Reflex Gel's strategic, low-profile padding. It's no secret gel is a bike-path enthusiast's cushion of choice, and mountain bikers will typically shy away due to its ability to lose feedback and input to dampening. The Reflex's gel pads, on the other hand, are slim enough to avoid that dreaded disjointed connection. There are four gel pads which are positioned to promote blood flow while evenly distributing pressure throughout the palm. This also directs pressure away from the nerves to avoid numbing and arm pump. This, combined with the double-layer Ax Suede Fit palm, results in a balance of grip, durability, and comfort that is ideal for performance mountain biking. A silicone pull tab eases donning, while hook-and-loop tabs ensure the Reflex Gel is securely positioned. The index and middle finger tips feature embossed silicone for positive engagement with shifters and brake levers. The Fox Racing Reflex Glove comes in Black/White, Charcoal, Black, and Red with sizes spanning Small through X-Large. - $32.95