Fox Racing Giant Demo Long Sleeve Jersey - $64.95

Sadly, you're not Danny Hart. No, your name isn't synonymous with either the edge-of-control or flat-out speed. In fact, the only thing that you'll probably ever be able to best Danny at is a mustache-growing competition. But, if you're wearing the Fox Racing Giant Demo Long Sleeve Jersey, you'll at least be able to kind of look like him. Now, it's time to get working on those insane moto-whips if you're going to complete the look. Fox Racing built the Demo jersey out of a polyester blend. Why' Well, because of its wicking ability, of course. After all, getting sweaty is a drag. So, to prevent getting soaked, the polyester fabric transports moisture away from the skin. Once that moisture reaches the outer-layer of fabric, it's able to evaporate much faster than it would on the skin, ultimately keeping you cool instead of clammy. The relaxed cut is ideal for gravity-fed riding. And along those lines, the elongated hem in the back provides extra coverage if you wear it out. Or, if you want to tuck it in like your favorite factory riders, the extra length ensures that it stays put. And for a touch of thoughtful design, the collar of the Demo jersey lies flat against your torso, instead of flapping in the wind. The Fox Giant Demo Jersey is available in the color Blue/white and in four sizes from Small to X-Large. - $64.95