Forum The Kitchen Sink Snowboard - $249.93

Forum The Kitchen Sink Snowboard - No plates, no problem with The Forum Kitchen Sink. The Kitchen Sink takes a freestyle board and loads it up with all sorts of goodies. Grand Pops camber has embellished pop zones that dramatically increase the surface area just inside the contact points at the nose and tail. These aggressive pop zones create an even larger platform to ollie from. Car Bombs are fiberglass inserts in the tip and tail that increase the power of your ollie. Super Buttercup provides greater lift to the contact points in the nose and tail off the snow, providing a looser, catch-free ride. With Swingers Club the tip and tail of the wood core are shaved to reduced weight and makes the board spin faster. With a stiffer tail, you can load up the Kitchen Sink for increase ollie power. With all this tech the Kitchen Sink is going to hammer down powerful ollies, spin with less effort and maintain dicey business on any terrain you throw at it. . Skill Range: Advanced Intermediate - Expert, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 308341, Gender: Mens, Skill Level: Advanced Intermediate, Model Number: 276111-000545, Warranty: One Year, Base Material: Sintered P-tex, Magnatraction: No, Hole Pattern: Standard 4 Hole, Construction Type: Sidewall Construction, Core Material: Wood with Carbon, Flex: Medium, Special Features: Super Buttercup, Swingers Club and Stiffer Tail, Stance Setback: 1/2in, Stance Width: 23in, Core Name: Super GnarLE with Car Bomb, Base Name: Formula Base, Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 7.7m ( - $249.93