Forum Journal Snowboard Bindings White Addictions - $129.95

Don't Kick Habits, Kick Methods We've all got our vices, but fortunately, being addicted to snowboarding is rarely harmful. Full EVA baseplate padding provides all the impact absorption needed to do big bumps, while the customizable Flip Flop strap allows you to decide how you feel your straps vibes to ensure long-lasting mellows. The Living Hinge Highback matches your leg like a perfect coffee and cigarette, but without the stress of withdrawal. So hit it any way you want, and don't stress the crashing. Key Features of the Forum Journal Snowboard Bindings: Disk: For'Em Multi Disk Comfort: EVA baseplate padding, Real Wrap highback padding Ankle Strap: Flip Flop Toe Strap: Throwdown cap Baseplate Material: 30% glass-filled nylon with aircraft-grade aluminum heelhoop Tool-free ankle- and toe-strap adjustment Feel 4 - $129.95