Forum Journal Snowboard Bindings Dark Purpose - $139.95

Dear Journal, don't tell anyone but I've been experiencing more response lately. Maybe it's the Good Vibes Hinge Disk below my boots. Between that and the ultra comfy combo of Good Vibes EVA footpad and Simmer Down Canting I feel more naturally positioned than ever, snapping ollies by night and hammering parks by day. In fact, I finally feel like it's clicking! Key Features of the Forum Journal Snowboard Bindings: New Good Vibes Hinge Disk New Good Vibes EVA Footpad New Simmer Down Canting Flip Flop Ankle Strap Throwdown Cap Toe Strap 30% Glass-Filled Nylon Baseplate Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Heelhoop Tool-Free Strap Adjustment Flex: 4 - $139.95