Forum Booter Snowboard Boots White/Black 'N Blue - $137.95

A new classic. The Forum Booter Snowboard Boots combines a classic skate look with cutting-edge comfort and performance. Forever Fit construction never packs out, eliminating foot slop and increasing edge control. The Level 3 liner envelops your foot in plush comfort. The FGel in both the liner and the Good Vibes outsole, combined with the Footpillow, means you don't have to feel the classic heel bruise.Key Features of the Forum Booter Snowboard Boots: Flex: 5 Traditional lacing system: Tighten your boots as you like them with traditional shoe laces for a snug or loose fit. Up to you. Level 3 Liner with FGel: This comfortable and supportive liner gets the level 3 designation due to FGel in the heel. Add to this the Fleece lining and inSlick ease, and you'll be wearing these as your morning slippers. Good Vibes Outsole with FGel Cushioning: The Good Vibes outsole enables a more natural flex due to a multi-pod construction that lets feet feel the subtle sensations underfoot. Two pockets of encapsulated FGel deaden the bad vibes and ensure that only the Good Vibes get through. Footpillow: It's not a bed, it's a pillow. Get it? It's insanely comfy and squishy. The Footpillow features superior cushioning and dampening for heavy impacts while providing additional arch support, so you can ride hard all day Forever Fit Construction: Built from the inside out, Forever Fit construction ensures that your boot won't pack out. We started from scratch and re-engineered the entire boot to minimize materials and eliminate any potential slop. We took out so much unnecessary material that our 2011 boots measure one complete size smaller than year's past while retaining the perfect fit inside, from day one to day seventy-five Gold Cuff Links: Quick and easy internal lacing holds your foot deep in the ankle pocket for no lift and all-day comfort - $137.95